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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hi people. I'm using the new blogger app I saw from Karen's blog LOL. it is really fun tbh. HAHAH. :D

Sorry that I've been away for the past..8 months? D: I've just never thought of what to blog thus me giving up and blogging :(

WELL JUST AN UPDATE, aussie is pretty cool for the past 8 months :) LOL school here is awesome, and fun of course. ALOT of angmo, but EVEN MORE Asians. B) booyah! Dominating yo :B

And the pic is all my beloved friends :') sorry that I've got no pics with guy friends. LOL I do have guy friends alright! >( HAHAH.

Just not close enough to hang out yet I guess? :3 if you get what I mean, people who still actually reads this o:

ANYWAY, :) not sure what else to update~~ but my trip back to Malaysia was awesome! Although I didn't really get to hang out with my friends.. /: since I came back at such a wrong time :(((((

I hanged out with some other awesome people ;) ♥

Hehe! I'll be back in dec for all you guys out there! :D

ANYWAY! I'll update more soon I guess. Although it'll be quite rare for me to be like this..HAHAH :x


Baibai :)

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